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30min = $45
60min = $75
90min = $105
No tip expected

Chair and Mobile massage available

Breakfast Tray


General Swedish

Immerse yourself in relaxation and revitalization as your therapist employs smooth strokes and gentle kneading to alleviate muscle tension, boost circulation, and relieve stress. This customized massage of light to medium pressure leaves you feeling refreshed in a tranquil setting.​ Experience an hour of peace and quiet.


Therapeutic Bodywork

Targeted therapeutic massage addresses specific concerns, promoting relief for issues like lower back pain and tense shoulders. Clients undergo assessments to pinpoint problem areas, and while avoiding pain, some discomfort may be experienced. The result is enhanced well-being and functional relaxation.


Special Services

Our Special Services adapt to accommodate unique conditions such as pregnancy, oncology-related issues, lymphedema, injuries, or disabilities. These modified techniques offer a comfortable experience in an inclusive environment, ensuring well-being and relaxation for everyone.

Techniques and Tools

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