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Who I Am and What I Do


My name is Raven Smith.

I'm passionate about massage therapy because it positively impacts my community by reducing pain and stress. It's an art and science that challenges me both mentally and physically. I graduated massage school in 2009 and have since gained certifications in various modalities, including deep tissue, sports, prenatal, cancer, and lymphatic drainage, among others.


With over 10 years of practice, I've worked in many environments, including spas, a pain center, a PT clinic, a chiropractic clinic, and others. I'm proud to provide adaptable, competent services and have won multiple customer service and satisfaction awards.


My fascination with anatomy and biology sets my technique apart. I'm committed to applying skilled and knowledgeable massage techniques to address your needs, whether it's stress relief or targeted pain management.


I choose to only engage with massage technique philosophies that have a strong evidentiary basis, ensuring my approach is grounded in science and proven methods. If I encounter something I'm not familiar with, I'm not afraid to say "I don't know" and will quickly find answers to your massage-related questions.


My interests are diverse and ever-changing, from card games to business development, math, anatomy, cephalopods, engineering, history, and more. I enjoy reading, exercising, eating, and spending time with my partner.


I am fascinated by the human body and dedicated to reducing pain and stress. Book an appointment with me for a massage from someone who genuinely loves their job.



My Qualifications

Clinic Massage Therapist
Therapeutic Associates

Nov 2022 – Present

  • Collaborated with physical therapists to create integrated massage treatment plans, enhancing patient recovery.

  • Assessed patients, performed various massage techniques, and monitored progress.

  • Maintained accurate records of patient sessions, including treatment plans and progress notes.

  • Educated patients on massage therapy benefits and provided self-care recommendations.

  • Ensured clean, safe, and welcoming treatment environment, adhering to health and safety regulations.

Lead Massage Therapist
Hand and Stone

Nov 2017 – Oct 2022

  • Led a team of 10-15 therapists providing experiential and technical expertise, leadership, training, praise, and discipline to all team members.

  • Utilized knowledge of corporate policy, massage law, and spa standard operating procedures to ensure a comprehensive compliance standard at all levels. Responsibility ranged from understanding contraindications for CBD massage oil to corporate policy working with minors to state law for license exhibition.

Head of Massage Department
Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex

Aug 2014 - Nov 2017

  • Responsible for all aspects of massage services offered by the complex, including outreach, sanitation, documentation, equipment maintenance, membership program, and scheduling.

  • Proactively constructed paperwork and time-management systems that securely stored medical, financial, and appointment information for clientele.

  • Generated massage seminars for the public, providing knowledge of fundamentals for safe, effective techniques that could be used at home.

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